The First Carton Factory to export environmentally friendly packaging to Europe
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The First Carton Factory to export environmentally friendly packaging to Europe

The First Carton Factory, LLC, a part of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, located in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, set up production of egg carton packaging from secondary raw materials for export to Europe. Today it is the unique enterprise in the region with such specialization.

Production of egg trays made from recyclable materials at the First Carton Factory is nonpolluting and waste-free. The secondary raw materials are fully recycled to manufacture the retail package which is eco-friendly containers for food products. Advantage of issued packaging lies in its protective structure that defends container contents from blows, hygroscopy and air permeability to preserve freshness. It is also distinguished by the light weight, option of coloration and ease of recycling. Compared with plastics and expanded polystyrene paper packaging is completely non-hazardous for the product.

By today the First Carton Factory issued around 2 million egg trays. A significant volume of products was delivered to Gurievskaya Poultry Factory, located in the Kaliningrad region. The other part is made for export; the largest customer is Woźniak Poultry Farm, based in Poland. It is planned to expand the regional geography for export with a number of other European food productions.

The factory employs various materials as a waste paper for production of egg carton packaging: from waste of its own corrugated packaging production and white paper to old books, magazines and notebooks which are collected, in particular, with assistance of residents of the Kaliningrad region. In 2013-2014 Technopolis GS implemented two programs of collecting and recycling paper waste, resulting in around 8 tons of household rubbish sent for processing to First Carton Factory. These activities allowed to recycle the written off literature from libraries, used notebooks, old newspapers and magazines, and has significantly contributed to preservation of the forest area.

Technological site of the cast paper packaging at the First Carton Factory includes a section of stock preparation from waste paper along with thermoforming machine TRM-1500 and the labeler. Maximum capacity of the section amounts to around 5 tons of paper per day and 750 thousand egg trays per month. In the near future it is planned to expand the range of products by launching production lines of large packaging and berry baskets. Installing extra thermoforming machine to increase the volume of output is also in prospect.

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