LLC First Folding Carton Factory – production and sale of cardboard packaging, corrugated cardboard
Russian Technologies Development Area

LLC First Folding Carton Factory (FFCF)

The biggest producer of packing materials in Kaliningrad region.

This specialised business manufactures corrugated cardboard, corrugated packaging and moulded tare from paper pulp. Output capacity is 80 million sq.m of corrugated cardboard and packaging a year. This is enough to supply various types of packaging to all of the companies based in the region.

PKF also supplies products for import.


  • corrugated sheets;
  • corrugated boxes;
  • moulded paper tare.


  • construction development;
  • packaging design development;
  • specialist advice;
  • delivery.


  • corrugated cardboard production line;
  • rotary die cutting line with three colour print capability;
  • direct pressure machine for complex die cuts;
  • production line for four-valve corrugated boxes with two colour print capability;
  • line equipped to produce moulded tares from paper pulp.
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