GS Nanotech - the center of microelectronics development and production
Russian Technologies Development Area

GS Nanotech

Technopolis GS's high-tech center is a leading Russian enterprise for the design, packaging, and testing of microelectronics.

In the Russian market, GS Nanotech has unique expertise in large-scale metal-polymer packaging of microchips for consumer electronics.

The company capacity is up to 20 million microcircuits per year.


  • Design and assembly of microchips using system-in-package (SiP), wire bonding, flip-chip, stacked die, chip-on-board, 2.5D, and package-on-a-package technology;
  • Assembly of chips in metal-polymer BGA, LGA, and QFN packaging;
  • Welding and mounting of crystals in metal-ceramic packaging;
  • Preparation of silicon wafers up to 300 mm in diameter in cutting and thinning processes;
  • Automated functional testing of integrated circuits according to JEDEC standards.


  • Integrated circuits;
  • Microchips for smart electric meters;
  • Design and packaging of integrated circuits for consumer and commercial use.

  • Systems-in-package (SiPs);
  • Development and production of systems-in-package according to customer requirements.

  • SSD.
  • The first SSD drives developed and mass-produced in Russia. Their specifications are equivalent to their foreign counterparts. The devices use NAND-memory modules packaged by GS Nanotech.

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