GS Nanotech - the center of microelectronics development and production
Russian Technologies Development Area

GS Nanotech

Technopolis GS High-Tech Centre

One of the leaders in the development, encapsulation and testing of microelectronic products, and the only company in Russia to develop and mass-produce our own microprocessors for consumer electronics. This includes SiP (system-in-package).

Output capacity – up to 20 million microchips per year.

GS Nanotech services

  • design and assembly of microchips for SiP, Wire Bond, Flip-Chip, Stack Die, 3D;
  • assembly of digital, analogue and hybrid microchips in BGA and LGA housings;
  • preparation of silicon wafers with a diameter of up to 300mm by slicing or thinning;
  • Chip-On-Board and LED mounting;
  • automated functional testing of integrated circuits to JEDEC standards.


  • integrated circuits;
  • Development and encapsulation of integrated circuits for consumer and commercial use.

  • Systems-in-Package;
  • SiP microprocessors of our own design: SiP Amber S2 and SiP Emerald N2M.

  • MEMS;
  • Design and assembly of inertial measuring units (IMUs) based on MEMS sensors;

  • SSD
  • The first SSD solutions developed to be mass-produced in Russia that are equal in every way to their foreign counterparts.

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