«DTS» – contract manufacturing of microelectronics in Russia
Russian Technologies Development Area

JSC Scientific Development and Production Association «Digital Television Systems» (DTS)

The largest producer of consumer electronics for the mass market in Russia.

General Satellite set-top boxes are manufactured here, with an output of more than 2.5 million units a year. This represents more than half of the Russian market, and more than 3% of the world market.

DTS has the most modern equipment in Russia, meaning that manufacturing can be switched from one product to another quickly, with a four-tier quality control system in place.

Contract manufacture is carried out on the factory's lines.

We can produce a wide range of items on a contract basis:

  • electronics for housing services and utilities;
  • security systems;
  • household / consumer electronics;
  • network equipment;
  • motor electronics;
  • industrial electronics.
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