Educational initiatives for graduates
Russian Technologies Development Area

Educational initiatives for graduates

Education continues even after college is over – the concept of continuous education means that skills are refined and competences developed throughout a specialist's entire working life.

  • Internship at the GS Nanotech microelectronics centre as an intern-engineer
    The internship format means that graduates are closely involved in operations at GS Nanotech under the guidance of experienced mentors. For six months, the intern masters various aspects of the business, after which he or she is transferred to the department that interests them most, having already developed the skills necessary to carry out specialised tasks.
  • Continuing education programme
    Joint educational initiatives by GS Group and the Petrograd State University (PetrGU) to retrain existing employees, set up to meet the requirements of a specific industry client. The combination of the rich scientific base at the university and the practical experience offered by the business means that specialists can improve their qualifications in their chosen field.
  • Support and development for start-ups
    Entrepreneurs with promising start-ups in the areas of microelectronics, consumer electronics, games' development and software, and TV viewing and control systems can count on comprehensive support from the GS Venture corporate venture fund.
  • Hackathon GS Smartcode
    Competitions between the best programmers, analysts, entrepreneurs and designers in Kaliningrad Oblast, the winners of which are awarded valuable prizes and given feedback from leading experts in their field.
  • The Russian National Hackathon Neuromedia-2017 to develop products where information technology, the media, and neural networks meet.