Educational Initiatives for Young Specialists
Russian Technologies Development Area

Educational Initiatives for Young Specialists

The idea of continued education involves improving skills and building expertise throughout the entire professional career.

  • Internship at the GS Nanotech Microelectronics Development and Production Center as an intern engineer
    The internship format means deep involvement of graduates in the operations of GS Nanotech under the guidance of experienced tutors. For six months the interns master various areas of operations and are then transferred to the departments of their choice.
  • Professional training programs
    Joint educational initiatives of the GS Group Holding and Petrozavodsk State University in re-training current employees following programs custom-built for the specific needs of industrial clients. The combination of the rich scientific background of the University and the practical experience of the Holding gives employees an opportunity to master the skills they need quickly.
  • Startup support and development
    The authors of promising startups in microelectronics, consumer electronics, games and software development, as well as TV viewing and management services can count on comprehensive support by GS Group Holding.
  • The GS Labs Program the Future All-Russian Competition for JavaScript application developers.
  • The GS Labs Design the Future All-Russian Competition for designing smart home devices with an option for integration into the DREHOME&TV smart home system.