Technopolis GS organized a mini-football tournament in honor of the children's home anniversary
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Technopolis GS organized a mini-football tournament in honor of the children's home anniversary

On December 6, 2014 the Sports and Recreation Center in the town of Gusev hosted a ceremony in honor of the 65th anniversary of the children's home Rostok (Sprout), supervised by the innovation territorial cluster Technopolis GS for three years. The celebration program embraced the mini-football tournament arranged by the GS Group holding company, promoter and general investor of Technopolis GS.

Children from the Rostok (Sprout) orphanage asked to have the students from the school №5 from Gusev as their rivals within a friendly tournament. Thus, the playground has gathered three full teams contending for the championship. According to the tournament results, the winners were awarded prizes from Technopolis GS and all participants got the special gifts.

Elena Zaitseva, Deputy Headmaster for curriculum and educational work of the Rostok orphanage noted that children take great interest in such events: "It is excellent that we had a chance to hold sports competitions with the familiar children from Gusev. Such activities contribute to socialization of our foster children, help them learning how to communicate and respect the opponents, while trying to win. We are grateful to Technopolis GS for such a gift."

Elena Zaitseva also pointed out that celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Rostok orphanage also featured another event important for children. One of the mini-football team key players will be called up for military service in the near future, and, thus, this friendly tournament was memorable for all the participants.

In addition to sports events December is full of workshops for the orphanage children including master classes on plaiting from paper, drawing in the technique of doodling, soap-making and making New Year’s garlands. All creative activities are also organized by Technopolis GS and are held in the Kaliningrad Milines art studio.

Supporting foster children of the Kaliningrad region is involved in the corporate social responsibility program carried out by the GS Group investment and industry holding company. The program is implemented within the GS Group long-term strategy and is aimed at attracting and supporting highly qualified specialists from Russia and abroad. In particular, it includes the career guidance events and establishing the social and cultural environment favorable for living in the territory of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS.

As of the beginning of 2014, the Rostok orphanage fosters 44 children, two of them are primary school students, 29 are getting secondary education, and 13 children are studying in institutions of secondary professional education. All students can take part in the educational programs implemented in several Russian universities jointly with GS Group and obtain higher education to be afterwards employed by one of the Technopolis GS enterprises.

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