Technopolis GS is a modern and open city: youth forum team inspired by innovations cluster
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Technopolis GS is a modern and open city: youth forum team inspired by innovations cluster

Young researchers from the youth forum “Baltic Artek” supervised by experts in urban planning and territorial branding in August visited the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, and Technopolis GS , the innovations cluster developed by GS Group holding. The team was accompanied by Elvira Gizatullina, Deputy Director, Strategic Development, GS Group.

A team of 21 people from 10 regions in Russia and Belarus visited Technopolis GS. The expedition was led by Vasily Dubeikovsky, head of professional group CityBranding, and Svyat Murunov, urbanist, director of “KBR. Creative economy” group of companies.

Young researchers were challenged by creative tasks. First, they had to summarize the key unique features of the town that may help attract new talented and skillful employees to Technopolis GS. Second, they analyzed the way how is perceived by people from outside the town – that was the “Baltic Artek” team. Its young and active members are those who can potentially come to work and live in Technopolis GS. They were divided into three groups each of them made an area study research while walking around the town. They surveyed the people on the streets, interviewed honorary citizens.

The results of the expedition were summed up on the territory of GS Nanotech factory – a leading microelectronics R&D center in Russia. The impression that the town of Gusev created exceeded expectations of most of the participants. “It is very open and Europe-like”, that’s what young experts in urban studies called it. And as for professionals, the leaders of the expedition noted the barrier-free environment: wheelchair ramps are arranged across the town, and fences and burglar bars on windows are not popular.

One of the main conclusions that “Baltic Artek” forum member made is that Technopolis GS today in Russia maked the most balanced combination of many factors for successful development of people’s personalities as well as the territory as a whole. Interesting jobs in high-tech projects being developed in Technopolis GS; proximity to Europe and open and free spirit of the town and its dwellers; the opportunity to get to the countryside or camping; comfortable environment for parents and children, no bustle and no traffic jams- all of this makes Gusev and Technopolis GS a convenient place to live with a wide range of options for professional and creative development.

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