First Carton Factory has collected over 5 tons of waste paper as a part of the global paper free environmental campaign
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First Carton Factory has collected over 5 tons of waste paper as a part of the global paper free environmental campaign

First Carton Factory operating within unique Russian private innovation cluster Technopolis GS in the small town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, has gathered almost 6 tons of waste paper as part of International Day Without Paper (IDWP) environmental campaign held on October, 24, worldwide. Schools № 1, 3 and 5, Polytechnic and Agricultural colleges of the town took part in the local competition «Hand over paper waste — save a tree» initiated by Technopolis GS. The general investor of the innovation cluster is GS Group, international multi-industry holding originating from Russia.

Since early morning a special truck from the First Carton Factory started collecting waste paper from different educational institutions located in the small town of Gusev with even less than 30,000 residents. The work team from the factory received old books, newspapers, magazines and other paper waste to wield it for processing. Pupils and students brought old books, exercise books, magazines, newspapers and other paper waste to launch recycling. The campaign was announced in advance, so the students were able to collect the waste inspiring parents, friends and classmates to participate in this important environmental event.

The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations. The total weight of collected waste paper equals to 5 tons 924 kg. School № 1 which collected 3 tons 276 kg of waste paper for recycling was unanimously recognized as the winner of this local competition. «Such activities are very important and essential for all of us. They help to educate children from early age to respect natural resources, they raise the sense of environmental awareness in them», — A. V. Levchuk, School 1 principle mentioned. «Also they remind us, adults, about the importance of recycling. It is known that one ton of recycled paper saves 10 trees from cutting down. Pupils and students of Gusev town have saved more than 50 trees today. We are grateful to Technopolis GS and First Carton Factory for organizing this event within International Day Without Paper. I really hope that this campaign will become a tradition here», — he added. The staff of the school number 1 was awarded a gift from the First Carton factory, a golden pine seedling which was immediately planted in the yard.

First Carton Factory implements the idea of environmentally friendly recycling and reuse of waste paper. In parallel with the main production process the program for collection of waste paper from various companies of the region is running on a daily basis. Material derived from recycled waste paper is used for production of corrugated cardboard and packaging on orders of numerous Russian and foreign consumers. Active use of secondary products in the production process reduces the proportion of wood processed. It can significantly reduce the energy consumption for its processing and adverse effects on the environment associated with the production of raw materials. 100 kg of waste paper produce 80 kg of paper. The ecologists have estimated that the overall recycling program at First Carton Factory allows reduction of pollution by 35 % and that of water resources by 74% accordingly.

GS Group top management shares the view that further development of individuals and environment can be sustainable only with responsible and careful attitude to nature, close interaction with nature and economical use of its resources. Such respect to nature needs to be raised from childhood. The company plans to continue improving sustainability of its production, as well as to promote the growth of environmental responsibility in Russia and other countries. The environmental paper free campaign fits within sustainability program organized within Technopolis GS during the year 2013, which is the year of environment in Russia.

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