Technopolis GS and creative specialists agreed on how to boost cultural and social development of Gusev region
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Technopolis GS and creative specialists agreed on how to boost cultural and social development of Gusev region

A seminar devoted to the problem of renovation of the Gusev region creative environment has been held in the town of Gusev. Organized by the innovation cluster Technopolis GS located in Kaliningrad region, the event featured a discussion of what can and should be done to increase cooperation between the local creative circles and Technopolis GS.

One of the Technopolis GS objectives is to build a special environment that would enable both technical specialists and those working in the creative areas to express themselves and continuously develop their talent. The innovation center staff met the organizers of cultural events in the Gusev region: museum and social workers, representatives of business-community, educational establishments and tourist centers as well as the local administrative authorities. Presenting the expert analysis, together with the Technopolis GS specialists they discussed possible joint projects dealing with the cultural life in the region and exchanged views on how the local creative environment should develop.

Elvira Gizatullina, Deputy Director for Strategic Development, GS Group, in her report spoke about how the innovation cluster is becoming the area for creative personal fulfillment among the dwellers of the Kaliningrad region.

“The Technopolis GS creative environment that we are developing here implies a large diversity of how one can express himself or herself both at work and in spare time. Our project designers and architects are building up a network of creative spaces, places where people can meet and talk. We are planning to organize interesting cultural events regularly: exhibitions, festivals, concerts, fairs.

All of this will grant those living in this region a possibility for continuous personal development, for getting information and experience. It will make Technopolis GS a magnet city for talented people, a place for developing innovative technology and creative projects,” GS Group spokesperson noted.

The participants of the seminar outlined the key features that Technopolis GS should acquire. Namely these are having development and growth as top priorities, being family-oriented, attention to children and young people, openness for a dialogue as well as being active and dynamic.

Elena Korchemnaya, Deputy head of Gusev regional administration, noted the significance of the event: “GS Group holding is one of the main contributors that form the environment of the Gusev region. We have common goals, and our common activities will help develop the creative sphere in the area, giving bright results”.

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