8 hours, 9 venues, 80 kW of music and thousands of guests. The highlights of the 10th Technopolis GS Day
Russian Technologies Development Area

8 hours, 9 venues, 80 kW of music and thousands of guests. The highlights of the 10th Technopolis GS Day

The 10th anniversary open-air festival revealed new formats, rhythms and genres as well as attracted thousands of visitors from Gusev and other cities and towns of Kaliningrad region thus setting new standards for a real teen and family party.

Hardly had school assemblies come to an end, the festival broke in within the parkland of the Popov Sports and Recreation Center, thus seamlessly blending with a festive atmosphere. The Marzipan Museum artists and Early Development Centre experts entertained young visitors with various types of distraction and creative work shops in the kids' section. While the Laboratorium's Mad Professor conducted some mind-blowing experiments with smoke, colorful liquids and fizzy drinks, the Kaliningrad Nuclear Power Energy Information Center presented the Engineers’ Battle.

The Wonderland club venue got all the hype of the technologies section: to the site of VR games formed a long line.

The other sections were very popular as well: the GzelStudio graffiti artists showcased their talents and invited everyone to try themselves in street art.

Photography and DJ workshops took place in the lecture-hall. As well as the lecture on the development of different types of intelligence and discussion on the prospects of technical education in Gusev featuring Ekaterina Kanaeva, Gusev Technical College Headmaster, and Svetlana Kuzmitskaya, the head of GS Group educational program.

An intense programme was prepared for the outdoor enthusiasts. The sports section was on a roll: hip-hop battles, workout shows and slackline performance, one of the new sports types. 21-century ropewalkers not only amazed the viewers with breathtaking stunts but also taught all the craving ones the basics of tightrope walking. Girls of different age groups gathered for the dance and strength-building workshop of Olga Davydova, a fitness instructor.

A traditional award ceremony took place on the Technopolis GS Day main stage. The awards went to the best employees and volunteers of the cluster that had marked its 10th year of performance. Local and regional authorities as well as the GS Group management team also expressed their acknowledgement of the winners' success. Special thanks were addressed to those who were the first ones to be employed by the Technopolis GS innovative sector.

The food court provided not only meal but also some food for thought. Festival guests got an opportunity to participate in cooking workshops and a quiz run by the “Eda” food channel.

As the festival progressed, at the end of the day, the teens gathered in the bigger groups. The musical part of the festival impressed with diversity. HEAD (Ulitsa mira), one of the outstanding artists of the Kaliningrad hip-sop community, set the pace for the evening. Nightcall and Refleksiya (Technopolis GS band) - Gusev’s favorite band, created a rock mood. The bands made this evening: pleased everyone with new rhythms and violin melodies. Mad Twinz changed the cards and showcased the real beat box. And the headliner of the show was Misly v slukh band. The musicians were so energetic, they blew up the auditorium. Ilya Kvostov, the front man, drove everyone mad hitting the dance floor with the mic in the thick of action.

The final chord was stricken by the Technopolis GS Day headliner SunSay. Funk, soul and reggae medley accompanied with romantic lyrics evoked some latest summer memories.

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