40 winners of the second round of the International physics contest to visit Technopolis GS
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40 winners of the second round of the International physics contest to visit Technopolis GS

GS Group investment and industry holding company summed up the results of second extramural round of the International physics contest for school students. 40 students from 16 Russian regions advanced to the third round.

According to results of the second extramural round of the International physics contest for high school students from non-capital cities, 25 students of senior classes, 7 ninth-graders and 8 tenth-graders came through to the final. The greatest number of winners came from among residents of the Republic of Mordovia, Bashkiria and the Tomsk region.

All contestants demonstrated excellent knowledge of the material and the ability to use their expertise in the limited time allotted for performing tasks. Some of the students, who showed the best results, also took part in the last year's International math contest and advanced to the third face-to-face round, but didn’t manage to become winners.

School students, who scored the highest number of points in the second round, will travel to the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, located in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region to take part in the contest final. GS Group, the contest organizer, bears all expenses related to school students’ transfers, accommodation and meals. The face-to-face competition will be held in Technopolis GS on December 6, 2014. According to its results the eleventh-grade winners will get personalized scholarships for one academic year, provided they enter the relevant higher education institutions for professions that are in demand in the innovation cluster. Finalists from among students of ninth and tenth grades will gain special prizes from GS Group including computer equipment and certificates for installation of the Tricolor TV set of equipment.

Organizing International physics contest is a part of the career guidance policy conducted by the GS Group holding company to train and support young specialists. The contest was arranged specially to support school students from non-capital cities who often have fewer opportunities to get a quality higher education in the Russian leading universities. Last year the winners of the similar math contest were admitted to the field-specific universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg with the assistance of the holding company. Under the conditions of the contest, school students receive a scholarship from GS Group during the current academic year. The similar program of material support for nonresident freshmen and sophomores is carried out by the largest Russian higher educational institutions. Thus, the alumni community of the Lomonosov Moscow State University pays an additional scholarship to nonresident excellent freshmen, as well as to students from disadvantaged groups.

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