The International Math Competition has started: GS Group welcomes high school students from non-capital cities
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The International Math Competition has started: GS Group welcomes high school students from non-capital cities

On September 11, 2017, IV International Math Competition for high school students from non-capital cities has started. This is a global educational GS Group project supported by leading Russian universities and educational and cultural institutions. Tasks of the first online tour are already available at We would like to invite students of the 9th – 11th grades all over Russia (except for Moscow and St. Petersburg) and other countries to take part in the competition so that they could check their knowledge level, make their names known throughout the country and compete for the prizes, including annual scholarships for the winners enrolled in the technical universities. Young mathematicians have the 2nd online tour ahead of them. This challenging and fascinating journey to tame the queen of all sciences will end on December 16-17 in innovative cluster Technopolis GS.

The first online tour of the IV International Math Competition by GS Group has started on 11th of September and will last until 31st of October. To participate in the competintion the students need to sign up and complete the tasks online within 1.5 hours – in Russian or in English, depending on which language they find most suitable. Young mathematicians will have to solve three closed tasks and five open tasks. On 7th of November we will publish a list of the lucky ones – 1,000 students with better scores who will take part in the second online tour on November 13-26, 2017. 40 finalists will select based on the results of the second tour. The final face-to-face tour will take place on December 16-17 at innovative cluster Technopolis GS (GS Group investment project in Gusev, Kaliningrad Region). Transfer, accommodation, and meals will be paid for the students and their attendants.

Following the results of the competition ther will be 10 winners. The award ceremony will take place on December 17 at Technopolis GS. The winners of the 9th and 10th grades will get electronic devices as gifts. For 11th grade winners, the ceremony will become a significant event: they will receive monthly scholarships from GS Group for a year if they enroll to technical departments at universities that are in demand in Technopolis GS. They include Information Technology, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Electronics and Microelectronics, Radio Engineering, Telecommunications, Nanomaterials, and many other subjects.

Apart from the final math competition, the finalists will get acquainted with Technopolis and rich history of the Kaliningrad Region; they will have an opportunity to talk to jury members and special guests who are outstanding mathematicians, high technology experts, and honored scientists and educators. Among they are representatives of Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, Interregional Economics and Law Institute at the IPA EurAsEC, St. Petersburg State University, the Institute of Software Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other leading universities, educational and cultural institutions that are strategic partners at the IV International Math Competition by GS Group.

“The Math Competition for high school students who come from non-capital cities is one of the key projects within the large-scale GS Group educational program. We have excluded participants from Moscow and St. Petersburg to attract talented students from smaller cities who often have fewer opportunities to get high-quality higher education than their peers do from capitals. We strive to make technical education more popular in the school environment, and we seem to succeed: all five winners of the math competition in 2015 entered technical departments of the universities, at least three winners of the previous year chose tech majors. We are confident that they will have a bright future in the Hi-Tech fields and we are ready to discover new talents this year", said Andrey Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Projects and Communications at GS Group.

In 2016, 4,500 students all over the world attended the Math Competition. Following the results of the first round, 974 students selected for second tour who had the highest score. 40 high school students from 27 Russian and Belorussian localities selected for the final stage of the competition. The winners were five 9-10th grade students and five 11th grade students. In total, more than 13 thousand students have taken part in the International Math Competition since 2013.

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