Technopolis GS specifies three pillars to lean on when building creative environment
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Technopolis GS specifies three pillars to lean on when building creative environment

At the II St. Petersburg Cultural Forum a representative of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, Kaliningrad region, outlined the key principles of how to successfully develop a creative environment in a small town in Russia.

Expert opinion of the cluster managers is based on their own positive experience as today Technopolis GS is not only developing innovative production and state-of-the-art technology, but is also shaping a cultural environment.

Elvira Gizatullina, Deputy Director for Strategic Development, Technopolis GS, spoke at the roundtable titled “Culture tools for revitalization of urban spaces”, which was held as a part of the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum on December, 4, in the Tkachi creative space. The roundtable encouraged a discussion of current trends in the creation and transformation of cites’ cultural environments by means of creative initiatives, as well as potential “knowledge economy” as a driver for development of cities and countries in the near decades.

One of the topical issues discussed by the participants was how to build up a creative environment that is conducive to long-term sustainable development of the surrounding area. Representatives of Technopolis GS shared their vision of the topic. Today innovation cluster is successfully developing the socio-cultural space of Gusev, a small town of Russia, which is located in the proximity of Technopolis GS. Ms. Gizatullina listed the components which, in her view, a modern creative environment should include.

“Today when building up a creative cluster within a small Russian town we must first provide not only the cultural component, but also the complete social infrastructure to ensure high standard of living for the town residents. In Technopolis GS, for example, this network will include a residential area, a school and a nursery school, a medical center, concert halls, art residence and other facilities”.

The next component, according to the speaker, is filling this infrastructure with quality content that would encourage creative development of the people: these are exhibitions, workshops, concerts and other cultural events. “And finally, the third step is to involve residents into the process, let them become viewers, listeners and active participants who are able to create something new on their own”, Ms. Gizatullina summed up.

Currently this model is being consistently implemented in Technopolis GS. Its art residence will include workshops and other spaces for creative activity. Events and festivals are regularly held in the innovation cluster, such as the annual holiday “Day of Technopolis” bringing the rock, pop and jazz groups from all over Russia and Europe to the town of Gusev. The administration of Technopolis GS also often organizes movie screenings, master classes and other events.

Developing up cultural spaces in smaller cities is aimed at reviving the areas hosting industrial facilities but having few cultural and leisure opportunities. Creating them is a task for a socially responsible business. GS Group holding, which is the general investor of Technopolis GS, along with actively developing innovations, uses its resources for building up cultural and creative infrastructure.

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