Technopolis GS intends to turn the West of Russia into Silicon Valley
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Technopolis GS intends to turn the West of Russia into Silicon Valley

Attracting promising startups to evolve in the innovation clusters is a more difficult, but more efficient way to support, develop and implement innovations than funding side projects, located in different places. This statement was made by the Head of GS Group corporate venture fund at the VI Forum of Partner-Regions of the Kaliningrad region.

Sergey Filimonov, Head of GS Group corporate venture fund, made a report at the round table "Innovations and Entrepreneurship Support" during the VI Forum of Partner-Regions of the Kaliningrad region. The speaker revealed the possibilities of innovative entrepreneurship support by holding GS Group, investor of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, located near the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region.

"It is possible to develop innovative entrepreneurship by conventional venture investment in projects scattered throughout the country or the whole world. But attracting startup teams to Technopolis GS, investing in them and in the innovation center infrastructure is the best way for Kaliningrad region, the GS Group holding and its private cluster", – the speaker pointed out.

Sergey Filimonov explained the benefits for each of the parties involved in the project – startup teams, GS Group as an investor, and Kaliningrad region as the area where the project will be physically located. "Any promising idea, which has already started to acquire the specific form and put into practice as a startup, has a long way to go before becoming a successful enterprise generating profit. This way stages include organizational and material support, pilot-scale and then mass production, followed by the product withdrawal on the market, accompanied by advertising and promotion, as well as product direct delivery to consumers. In addition, if the project goes through all stages in the innovation environment corresponding to its specific features, the startup gains an additional benefit". According to Sergey Filimonov, the GS Group holding, thanks to its own innovation cluster Technopolis GS, is able not only to finance the project, but to provide entire comprehensive support at all the stages. Today Technopolis GS includes six innovative and successfully operating enterprises in different industries from microelectronics and household appliances manufacturing to nanotechnologies development and packaging industry. All these facilities allow establishing new products manufacturing. The holding structure also involves companies dealing with logistics, trade and advertising as well.

"Every time the proper startup and GS Group "find each other", Kaliningrad region strengthens its image as one of the leading Russian regions in innovation activity, economy growth and industrial development of small towns " - Sergey Filimonov added.

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