GS Group will built a smart home for pay-TV operators
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GS Group will built a smart home for pay-TV operators

GS Group at the CSTB.Telecom & Media-2018 exhibition presented their proprietary smart home system, based on a digital television set-top box. The solution is aimed at pay-TV operators and the first to install this system and offer services to their subscribers through it will be the major Russian digital TV operator, Tricolor TV.

The distinguishing feature of this new development is a platform which brings together the possibilities of a smart home with the apps and services of pay-TV. Using the digital TV set-top box as a hub to manage the smart home means the operator can minimise costs and speed up the launch of the product. The system can be customised for a specific customer both at a software and a hardware level. The configuration of this solution takes into account the possible development of peripherals, as well as the technology of content usage.

Elements of the smart home will be provided by ready-made sets configured to work in pre-set scenarios for various premises with the capacity to create their own scenarios. Installation and setting-up of the system is as simple as possible: it doesn’t require from the user any specialist knowledge, and takes just a few minutes. The smart home can be managed through an on-screen menu on the TV using the remote control, and remotely through a special app from mobile devices.

The smart home has a high level of data protection against unauthorised access. The security system, based on a 128-bit AES algorithm ensures validation of the authenticity of any attached devices, the security of their interaction, supports and distributes network keys. The exchange of data between all devices is only carried out in encrypted form. When a user remotely accesses the system, in addition to the digital network traffic, certificates and tokens (electronic access keys) are used.

«The smart home system we have come up with means that we can make the smart automation of domestic electrical goods a truly mass-market phenomenon in Russia. It is simpler to install and cheaper than the solutions currently on the market. Operators can offer their clients additional innovative services which will be more and more in demand in the digital age, on terms which are attractive for the end user. The solution can be adapted flexibly to the individual requirements of the operator». – Andrey Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Projects and Communications, GS Group.

The full cycle of manufacture of the smart home system - from development to packaging - will unfold at the innovation cluster Technopolis GS (the investment project of the GS Group in Gusev, Kaliningrad oblast).

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