GS Group strengthens its positions in the Chinese market
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GS Group strengthens its positions in the Chinese market

Nanocarbon Materials, LLC (part of the Technopolis GS innovative cluster, an investment project from the GS Group holding company) has successfully performed tests of in-house NCM Chrome nano-additives at the Northern Chinese factory, the Industrial Precision Steel Tube Company. The innovative material will be applied for preparing electrolytic tanks for nickel-plating of oil well pipes. The companies are negotiating a contract to supply nano-carbon additives and the implementation of regeneration technology of waste electrolytes, developed by NCM, LLC. for the Industrial Precision Steel Tube Company production.

Industrial Precision Steel Tube Co. specializes in producing long steel pipes for oil wells, which require wear- and corrosion-resistant internal coating. In early 2016, experts of Nanocarbon Materials, LLC developed and tested a special technology of application of a three-component chemical nickel-based alloy with a nano-carbon additive at the Chinese factory. The resulting material provides a coating with the necessary corrosion resistance characteristics and micro hardness. Moreover, the nickel-plating technology with nano-carbon application is distinguished through reduced power consumption and electrolyte consumption.

Nanocarbon Materials, LLC also intends to introduce its in-house regeneration technology of waste electrolytes at the Chinese factory. The process of regeneration allows electrolyte neutralization by electroextraction of nickel in steel and titanium products. Subsequently, the solution is neutralized and cleaned at standard treatment facilities. This will result in obtaining process water. This disposal method of electroplating waste is not very common, but according to engineers at Nanocarbon Materials, LLC, this regeneration scheme has promising application prospects.

“The scale of electroplating production in China determines great opportunities for further cooperation of Nanocarbon Materials, LLC with local companies. We’re ready for the bulk delivery of NCM Chrome nano-additives to large factories and small-scale production plants. Currently, we’re engaged in a series of negotiations that may result in a significant increase in the share of Russian nanocarbon materials in the Chinese market” – comments Vladimir Kokhia, Managing Director of Nanocarbon Materials, LLC.

Currently, NCM Chrome nano-additives are used by Chinese companies such as Jinan Jingnuo Scientific Co., XCMG, Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co., the Taiwanese company Leader Extrusion Machinery Ind. Co., as well as Russian plants, the Shtok-Avto Plant of Vehicle Components, Tyazhpromarmatura, JSC, Kostromskoy Zavod Avto Komponentov, СJSC, and the Klintsy piston ring plant.

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