Factory to employ masters: GS Nanotech and Baltic Federal university joint educational program proved a success
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Factory to employ masters: GS Nanotech and Baltic Federal university joint educational program proved a success

The first batch of the Physics and Engineering Institute masters who studied according to the joint educational program by GS Nanotech factory and the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant, Kaliningrad, had their thesis defense in June. Upon the successful results the factory said it would employ all of this year graduates.

The joint program is titled “Physics of nanomaterials and nanostructures in electronic systems”. Representatives of GS Nanotech who attended the thesis defense noted high level of the graduates’ training. All of the theses in this program got the highest mark.

Evgeny Maslennikov, GS Nanotech Technical Director, said that, of course, practice-oriented theses are of greater importance for the facility as compared to the theoretical ones. “We would like to mention specifically Anna Orlova’s thesis, there is practical angle in it relevant to both Russian and foreign R&D. Her work is in compliance with the specialist area of GS Nanotech and with the “Physics of nanomaterials and nanostructures in electronic systems” program,” E. Maslennikov said.

He also noted that there are some other educational programs of the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant that are of interest for GS Nanotech and that the graduates of these programs may get hired by the factory. “We would like to invite for field trip those students who study according to the programs “Printed boards developers”, “Development of integral systems on a crystal”. It would be best if they could attend training at our factory as early as during the third year of studies,” he added.

The Baltic Federal University suggested that GS Nanotech representatives be included into its State grading commission and to the university council that develops and approves educational plans and programs. The factory and the university are preparing to sign a partnership agreement soon. Possible joint educational programs in R&D field are also being considered.

Such programs are mutually profitable: the university is interested in good career opportunities for its graduates and their successful employment, and, in its turn, the factory needs young and highly qualified employees. Creating jobs in Kaliningrad region is one of the priorities of GS Group social policy. GS Group holding is the general investor of Technopolis GS, GS Nanotech being part of this innovation cluster located in the Kaliningrad region. Till 2016 Technopolis GS will require more than 600 highly qualified specialists. The holding strives to provide young people with an opportunity to develop their talent within their own country. To contribute to this goal GS Group established an integrated career guidance program. Besides partnership with the Baltic Federal University the program includes a series of career guidance excursions that started in autumn 2012. They are designed for the pupils of 9th and 11th grades as well as college students in Kaliningrad region.

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