Ecological campaign launched by First Cardboard Factory collects 300 kg of plastic waste in Gusev
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Ecological campaign launched by First Cardboard Factory collects 300 kg of plastic waste in Gusev

First Cardboard Factory, a plant within GS Group holding company, has held an environmental campaign in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, to collect plastic waste. The total amount of plastic gathered that will be sent for recycling and reuse exceeded 300 kg.

In Russia this year was declared the Year of Environment. Tackling the problem of plastic waste is relevant in this context. It poses a serious threat to the ecology of the whole world and of our country in particular, and its amount is growing every year . LLC First Cardboard Factory organized a campaign to collect plastic waste in the town of Gusev located nearby. The move came among the plants other environmental initiatives, such as the collection and recycling of waste paper. Gusev schools No. 3 and No. 5 along with Polytechnic College and Agriculture College took an active part in the event.

The campaign was announced in advance for all those who wished to participate in it to have enough time to bring empty plastic bottles from home as well as tell their friends, relatives and neighbors about how important the event is and suggest to contribute. After the plastic waste was collected First Cardboard Factory transported it for recycling.

“The problem of recycling plastic is now important worldwide”, said public relations manager of Technopolis GS Renata Maklakova. “It practically cannot decompose, and emits toxins during combustion. However recycling is a wise solution. Recycled plastic can be used for manufacturing various products, for example, synthetic fibers, fiberfill for sports clothing and sleeping bags, carpet fibers, and other things. The plastic waste collected in course of the campaign will be recycled plastic and then used for the production of pallets and other products that are needed by the First Cardboard Factory.

The First Cardboard Factory awarded the participants of the campaign with sets of sports equipment. Recycled plastic will be used in the manufacture of pallets and other products necessary for the factory. Environmental initiatives of this kind have already become a tradition for the plant and for the residents of Gusev. In October, the factory took part in an International Day without Paper and collected six tons of paper waste.

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