Contract manufacturing of Technopolis GS highly appraised at New Electronics exhibition
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Contract manufacturing of Technopolis GS highly appraised at New Electronics exhibition

Ample opportunities of modern contract production offered by enterprises within Technopolis GS innovation cluster (investor – GS Group), were presented March 27 at the New Electronics exhibition in Moscow and were highly appreciated by the participants. Technopolis GS demonstrated a full range of services for the development and production of high-tech electronics for any purpose and of any complexity.

At the largest exhibition devoted to electronics, electronic components and modules, GS Group presented the main entities of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS being developed by holding in the Kaliningrad region, Russia, and electronic production for external customers performed at Technopolis GS facilities.

GS Nanotech, microelectronics R&D and production center, is one of the leading enterprises in Eastern Europe focused on designing, assembling and testing of digital, analogue and hybrid microchips and multi-chip units. The plant commissioned in 2012 is capable of producing up to 17 million items per year. “Our company is ready to design complex hybrid microcircuits for its clients, employing System-in-Package and Flip Chip technologies, as well as launch their mass production, using the crystals by world’s top manufacturers”, said Sergey Belyakov, Senior Marketing Manager, Nanotech, while presenting a wide range of IT products and services, offered to GS Nanotech clients. “We perform Wire Bonding (gold or copper wire), tests of memory modules, single-chip and multichip digital, analog and hybrid microprocessors (topology 65 and 45 nm) in different types of BGA, LGA, QFN in BGA and other plastic packages”.

“Digital Television Systems”, the factory which is also a part of Technopolis GS innovation cluster, is the most extensive production of digital set-top boxes in Eastern Europe and a modern platform for contract manufacturing. “Digital Television Systems” produces electronics for utilities, network equipment, security systems, automotive, consumer and industrial electronics according to customers’ specific needs. The plant provides services for surface (SMT) and output (THT) installation, production line assembly (FAS). Production capacity is 5 million pieces per year, expandable to 10 million.

The third company, forming a strong base for modern contract manufacturing in Technopolis GS, is “Prankor”. The plant offers production of various parts and components, sheet metal stamping, painting metal products, plastic molding. It is the only company of such expertise in the North-West of Russia. The volume of the finished product amounts to 300 thousand different products monthly.

Andrey Bezrukov, acting Director for Strategic Marketing, GS Group, during the presentation outlined the benefits of contract manufacturing offered by Technopolis GS. “The Kaliningrad region is one of the economically developed regions of Russia , located in the European part of the country. The proximity of European ports simplifies logistics and helps reduce transport costs, and also enables ordering parts in Europe”, said the speaker. “Our production facilities are located in the special economic zone of the Kaliningrad region, that is why there is no tax on income and property ."

“Modern industrial equipment installed at our enterprises, efficient quality management and highly qualified staff, along with logistical advantages make electronics contract manufacturing ordered at Technopolis GS beneficial for the customer on all counts”, GS Group speaker concluded.

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