An affordable 4K set-top box by General Satellite in a new design
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An affordable 4K set-top box by General Satellite in a new design

GS Group has presented its new set-top box that supports ultra-high-definition television. This is the first General Satellite Ultra HD model for the mid-range segment. The set-top box is equipped with two tuners and provides the ability to watch TV via the internet. The device has been developed in Russia and is produced in the Technopolis GS (GS Group investment project in Gusev, Kaliningrad Region).

The GS В527/528 model has two built-in DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners for receiving a satellite signal and for broadcasting ultra-high-definition content on the latest Ultra HD televisions, tablets and smartphones which support this technology. One of the following apps must be installed to watch programs on mobile devices: Multiscreen (in a home network) or Online TV (anywhere with an operator account and internet access). To watch content on a second television, you need to connect the General Satellite set-top box client. Another advantage of GS Group’s new product is that it converts 4K content for viewing on HD and Full HD televisions. Thus, with the new set-top box, owners of televisions that do not support 4K can at last watch those channels in their operator’s package that are only broadcast in Ultra HD.

The receiver’s design is powered by next generation MStar microprocessor and GS Group's own coprocessor. This technical solution ensures high data processing speed and content protection. The device has the necessary convenient ports: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet and AV.

The set-top box’s modern thin ergonomic body was developed in line with customer demand and the latest industrial design trends. The use of combined materials – plastic and metal – significantly enhances heat removal. Thanks to its compact size, classic black colour and its simple design the device will organically fit any interior.

The set-top box operates on GS Group’s own Stingray TV platform, and it supports PVR* functions (records content) and TimeShift* (for watching later). GS В527/528 users can also enjoy interactive services and apps such as Online TV, Cinema, Best on TV, Multiscreen and TV-Mail.

«GS Group strives to make the latest technology affordable to the maximum number of users. The price of our new solution is comparable with other General Satellite set-top boxes, while it also allows the viewer to fully experience the benefits of ultra-high-definition television. Even more people can now watch their favourite films and TV shows in new high-quality».
Andrei Bezrukov
Vice president for strategic development GS Group

General Satellite brand equipment is developed and produced in Russia. The hardware is created by GS Labs (software and consumer electronics research and development centre as part of GS Group). Production is performed at the facilities of the Technopolis GS innovation cluster in Kaliningrad Region. The GS A230, first General Satellite 4K set-top box, was launched in 2016.

Ultra HD market trends

According to analysts, last year the world’s largest satellite operator constantly broadcast more than 70 UHD channels. GS Group’s strategic partner in Russia – digital lifestyle operator Tricolor – launched the first commercial package of three ultra-high-definition channels in 2016. This package now includes seven channels.

Leading international television manufacturers are increasing the number of models that support UHD. According to figures from GS Group research centre, 36% of new televisions sold in the world in 2017 support 4K definition. This is more than eighty million units.

About 900 thousand new UHD televisions were sold in Russia in 2017, or 15% of the market. This is a 40% increase on the previous year. International analysis company IHS Markit forecasts that by 2022 the number of 4K televisions in Russia will reach 16.7 million.

* function available through HDD.

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