War Memorial Complex to commemorate the First World War
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War Memorial Complex to commemorate the First World War

The Kaliningrad oblast is the only oblast in the Russian Federation where battles took place during the First World War. The Gusev okrug is the final resting place of many Russian and German soldiers, often buried together, who fell on the battlefields of Eastern Prussia and serve as a reminder of the tragic events of those times.

In July 2012 the idea was launched to create a War Memorial Complex dedicated to that great and forgotten war. The most important elements of the War Memorial Complex are:

  • the Bayonet Assault monument, created by people’s artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Surovtsev,
  • the Church of All Saints in memory of the fallen during the First World War, and
  • the Heroes’ footbridge across the Pissa River.

A tourist route dedicated to the First World War suggests visiting the War Memorial Complex commemorating the History of the First World War, the Cathedral of the Dormition (Svyato-Uspensky Cathedral), the displays in the Gusev Museum, the GS Technopolis Memorial Park, and battlefields and grave sites.

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