Walk of Fame
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Walk of Fame

In the picturesque town of Gusev, a memorial complex dedicated to the heroes of World War II, local wars and participants from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was built.

The complex is comprised of three monuments in a blown granite steel form that symbolizes the tragedy of war. The middle steel piece is devoted to the heroism of the people involved in World War II. One of the main symbols of the soldier's courage, The Order of Victory, is placed in a hole of the steel and there is a bell on the top of the monument. The two other monuments are dignities for heroism and are a tribute to the memory of international soldiers and participants of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster elimination. The meaning of the steel is outlined on a compositional level by awards given to heroes of those dramatic events. A semi-circle brick wall unites the architectural complexity with a step for laying flowers in front of the monument and placing a Soviet tank IS-2 is meant in the memorial complex.

The Park that forms the Walk of Fame is used to organize different social events.

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