The Headquarters of the Gumbinnen Government District “New Government”
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The Headquarters of the Gumbinnen Government District “New Government”

Gumbinnen’s government headquarters was built in Baroque style in 1911. The building consisted of two blocks connected to the former headquarters building by an arch. The tower of the main building was decorated with the East Prussian Eagle and allegorical symbols of East Prussia Fisheries and Fertility. There were living accommodations for the President of the Government in the East Wing of the building.

The roofing tile of the new building was destroyed during the World War II, and the old building was burnt down. Remedial work was started in the February 1954 to place a new lightning fittings factory with a flat roof there.

At the beginning of the new century, the roof was replaced with the new one with its former shapes, the tower was renewed, and the facade was fully repaired.

As a new decoration, the big watch replaced the East Prussian Eagle.

Nowadays, the Headquarters of the Gumbinnen government district that is located on the central square is a tourist attraction and visiting point of interest for the architectural appearance of the city.

The People's Bank

The building of the former People's Bank was built in 1910-1911. The original Gothic facade of clinker bricks with a central rosette is still an excellent decoration of the city. The building is located on the Tolstoy str. 2, and is identified as an object of cultural heritage.

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