The Student’s Square
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The Student’s Square

The Student’s Square is located in the city center and named this way after a bronze sculpture of a lyceum schoolboy (student) had been erected next to the academic building of the Gusev Polytechnic College in 2009 Gusev Polytechnic College is one of the oldest institutions of professional education in the Kaliningrad region where specialists in engineering, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment, wood processing, and logistics are trained.

Gusev Polytechnic School was established in 1949 as a special vocational school for orphans. Over the years of its existence, it has changed several departments and undergone several reorganizations. Thus, the school celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009 in the status of professional lyceum No. 6.

Over the years of its existence, thousands of boys and girls of the town of Gusev and the surrounding municipalities graduated from the Polytechnic University. Every day, hundreds of students form a crowd that flows across the town square to the school.

In 2009, in honor of all lyceum pupils (students) of the Gusev Polytechnic College sculptor Andrei Shevtsov created a sculpture of a lyceum schoolboy (student) as a collective image of all young people who are studying in vocational school No., or Gusev Polytechnic University. The idea of sculpture belonged to the college administration and financed by its students, employees, and extra-budgetary resources of the College.

Ever since, the bronze schoolboy has become a full-fledged resident of Gusev. People say that if you stay next to the sculpture for a while, you will study successfully and get excellent grades at your university.

Sculptural composition in honor of anniversary of the Gusev socio-political newspaper "Za Doblestny Trud" Grand opening of sculptural composition dated to 65-year anniversary of the newspaper was held in November 2012. The first print publication was issued in 1947.

School Building No. 1

In the 19th century, building of secondary school No. 1 of the town of Gusev a school for girls is located. At first, the girls' school consisted of one class and was on Magazinstrasse (now part of St. Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy from Ulitsa Pobedy to Ulitsa Ulianovykh). In 1904, the school was renamed to "Higher school for Girls" and received a new building in the Kirchenstrasse (now Ulitsa Tolstogo).

In 1905, the wife of crown Prince Wilhelm, Cecilia, visited the city of Gumbinnen and the school. After that, the girls ' school became known as Caecilienschule in her honor. In 1929, Cecilienschule received a new building in Sodeikersstrasse (now Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya, school building No. 1, Junior building). In 1931, Caecilienschule became a higher school.

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