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GS Technopolis is a unique private innovation cluster in the Kaliningrad region facilitating generation, development and implementation of innovative ideas.




30.12.2016 // Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

14.06.2016 // GS Group strengthens its positions in the Chinese market

29.12.2015 // Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

04.06.2015 // GS Venture to invest 50 million rubles in the IoT project

30.12.2014 // The GS Group holding company congratulates you on the New Year and Christmas!

18.12.2014 // Technopolis GS to house smart cards production

15.12.2014 // GS Nanotech to produce the first half a million SiP Amber S2 microcircuits by the end of the year

09.12.2014 // Technopolis GS organized a mini-football tournament in honor of the children's home anniversary

08.12.2014 // Technopolis GS offers to look at the birth of the creative town

02.12.2014 // GS Group unveiled vectors of state support for private technoparks by the example of Technopolis GS

02.12.2014 // Curator of the volunteer movement of Technopolis GS delivered lectures on World War I

01.12.2014 // GS Group presented a case study on establishing the CSR program in Technopolis GS

26.11.2014 // 40 winners of the second round of the International physics contest to visit Technopolis GS

14.11.2014 // Technopolis GS example inspired Russian technoparks at the Meeting in Skolkovo

12.11.2014 // Success story of Technopolis GS to be unveiled at the 1st Meeting of Russian technoparks in Skolkovo

07.11.2014 // The First Carton Factory to export environmentally friendly packaging to Europe

06.11.2014 // GS Venture supported participants of the 34th HackDay in Kaliningrad

30.10.2014 // School students from 6 countries qualified for the second round of the GS Group International physics contest

15.10.2014 // World-renowned photographers gave lectures in Kaliningrad with assistance of Technopolis GS

13.10.2014 // Students of Petrozavodsk State University undertook an internship at GS Nanotech in Gusev

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