Scientific and production cluster
and educational centre

Scientific and production cluster

GS Technopolis is a scientific and production cluster, a big center for modern scientific research and development, where large-scale innovative activity in Russia takes place contributing to development of regions.

There are different science-intensive trends developing within GS Technopolis, innovative technologies are used in production, for example, in microelectronics research and development. Mass production of innovative microelectronic products is set up at the GS Nanotech plant.

Research in nanotechnologies is quite successful: GS Technopolis produces an agent (suspended mixture) with nanomaterial for electrolyte used in item chroming—usable agent. The unique application technology and the nanomaterial itself were developed by GS Technopolis specialists. The cluster also deals with carbon nanomaterials (CNM) production and it is the one and only carbon nanostructured material industry in Russia with an activation line.

The device for manufacturing carbon nanostructured tubes was designed and created as a result of deep scientific research, constant engineering and technological development at GS Technopolis. 

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