GS Group expands its presence in the in-car electronics market by establishing tachographs contract manufacture


OJSC Digital Television Systems (OJSC DTVS), the largest digital set-top boxes manufacturer in Eastern Europe and a high-tech platform for contract electronics manufacturing, has signed a contract with a major Moscow company developing tachographs. OJSC DTVS capabilities allow offering customer tachographs mass manufacturing, numbering tens of thousands of products.

British design and new technical features of the General Satellite set-top boxes


A new line of set-top boxes GS B210, GS E501 and GS C591 recently introduced by the GS Group holding under the General Satellite brand was developed thanks to synergy of the best international practices in the fields of industrial design and upgraded manufacturing facilities. The new range of products was designed by London based design consultancy BID Studios to have a more contemporary and attractive appeal to customers. The brand new model line was launched in Russian Technopolis GS innovative cluster fit up with the new machinery.

GS Group seeks nano-startups worldwide


GS Venture, GS Group holding corporate venture fund, together with LLC “Carbon nanostructured materials”, being a part of the holding, has announced a competition among venture projects, research and business development teams using carbon nanostructured materials (CNM). Development and wide application of CNM in various industries is one of GS Group key activities. The holding has got CNM mass-manufactured and keeps developing innovative ways of using it since last year.

Technopolis GS intends to turn the West of Russia into Silicon Valley


Attracting promising startups to evolve in the innovation clusters is a more difficult, but more efficient way to support, develop and implement innovations than funding side projects, located in different places. This statement was made by the Head of GS Group corporate venture fund at the VI Forum of Partner-Regions of the Kaliningrad region.

GS Group supports the Night of Museums and the City Day in Gusev


GS Group holding, investor of private innovation cluster Technopolis GS in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, Russia, sponsored several events during the city’s celebrations in the last weekend of May. The company provided information support and financed the activities of the Night of Museums and the City Day, organized some of the entertainment venues during the two-day celebration.

Contract manufacturing of Technopolis GS highly appraised at New Electronics exhibition


Ample opportunities of modern contract production offered by enterprises within Technopolis GS innovation cluster (investor – GS Group), were presented March 27 at the New Electronics exhibition in Moscow and were highly appreciated by the participants.

GS Group experience and vision: why does Russian need technopolises


GS Group holding presented at St. Petersburg Technical Fair its very own private innovation cluster Technopolis GS as a successfully implemented and promising model for the development of Russian small towns.

Heads of major enterprises in Kaliningrad region visited Technopolis GS


CEOs of leading enterprises in the Kaliningrad region had an excursion to modern production facilities of Technopolis GS innovation cluster, developed by GS Group, on March 4.

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