GS Group strengthens its positions in the Chinese market


Nanocarbon Materials, LLC (part of the Technopolis GS innovative cluster, an investment project from the GS Group holding company) has successfully performed tests of in-house NCM Chrome nano-additives at the Northern Chinese factory, the Industrial Precision Steel Tube Company. The innovative material will be applied for preparing electrolytic tanks for nickel-plating of oil well pipes. The companies are negotiating a contract to supply nano-carbon additives and the implementation of regeneration technology of waste electrolytes, developed by NCM, LLC. for the Industrial Precision Steel Tube Company production.

GS Venture to invest 50 million rubles in the IoT project


On June 3, 2015, the All-Russian competition “Internet of Things – IT Challenge” organized by the Skolkovo Foundation with the support of the GS Group investment and industry holding company ended. Two winners in the categories “Solutions for Smart Homes” and “Solutions for wearable electronics” received prizes from GS Group. The GS Group corporate venture fund – GS Venture – showed great interest in the third project and signed a memorandum of intent to cooperate with its team in the field of mass production of products within the Technopolis GS innovation cluster.

The GS Group holding company congratulates you on the New Year and Christmas!


Summing up the year’s results, it is important to note that it was a challenging year, but productive to a large extent. Owing to the hard work of all the holding company departments and business units and effective cooperation with partners, GS Group achieved success in all the business areas, expanded its international presence, released a series of technological innovative solutions, thus, confirming its role as the leader of the Russian telecommunications industry.

Technopolis GS to house smart cards production


Digital Television Systems (DTVS), OJSC, a part of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, located in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, launched the smart cards production line. The enterprise will start releasing the access cards for subscribers of the leading Russian satellite television provider Tricolor TV at the end of December 2014. Sales market is supposed to be further expanded by attracting other customers.

GS Nanotech to produce the first half a million SiP Amber S2 microcircuits by the end of the year


This year the GS Nanotech enterprise, a part of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, Kaliningrad region, was the first in Russia to launch commercial microprocessor under SiP technology (System-in-Package) mass production. The new GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 microcircuit was fully developed by the GS Nanotech R&D Department. The enterprise itself is the country’s largest microelectronic product development and manufacturing center and the only back-end facility that provides multi-chip design and packaging using SiP technology on a contract basis.

Technopolis GS organized a mini-football tournament in honor of the children's home anniversary


On December 6, 2014 the Sports and Recreation Center in the town of Gusev hosted a ceremony in honor of the 65th anniversary of the children's home Rostok (Sprout), supervised by the innovation territorial cluster Technopolis GS for three years. The celebration program embraced the mini-football tournament arranged by the GS Group holding company, promoter and general investor of Technopolis GS.

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