GS Group investor

GS Group is an investment and industry holding operating on the basis of its own high technologies in telecommunications and innovations.

The GS Group investment and industry holding is the promoter and investor of the GS Technopolis innovation cluster. The holding is operating on the basis of its own high technologies in telecommunications, innovations and innovative technologies in production.

The holding was founded in Russia. The headquarters in Russia is situated in St. Petersburg, the international headquarters is in Switzerland.

Key activities: Implementation of international broadcasting projects, research in nanotechnology, research in microelectronics and its manufacturing, construction and development of GS Technopolis innovation cluster, deep wood processing, investment in venture projects, media content production and management, software development and integration, full-service advertising, logistics and trade.

The establishment of the GS Technopolis innovation cluster in the Kaliningrad region, the biggest private high tech technopolis in Eastern Europe, was initiated in 2008 by GS Group Holding. Within the framework of the project production innovations in microelectronics and nanotechnology are developed, including DTS (Digital television systems), the biggest satellite digital set-top boxes industry in Eastern Europe. All the necessary infrastructure is under construction as well, creative innovative environment for modern people to live in which stimulates innovative activity and contributes to development of Russian regions is formed.

Total amount of investment in GS Technopolis is estimated at approximately 850,000 mln US dollars (25 bln roubles). According to the development plan, by 2016 GS Technopolis will have become one of the leading centers of scientific and technical development in Europe.

Scientific and technical potential of GS Group Holding is increasing constantly. One of the main purposes for establishing GS Technopolis is attraction of professionals and project teams for innovation development, implementation of high tech projects. 

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