LLC Prancor

LLC Prancor

LLC Prancor specializes in manufacturing of satellite dishes and digital set-top box casings.

Industrial capacity of the facility is 4 mln sets of set-top box casings and 800,000 satellite dishes per year. The Prancor plant is the only manufacturer of satellite dishes in North-West Russia.

The plant manufactures plastic products using pressure die casting and metal products according to cold forming technology. 300,000 off-the-shelf products are manufactured every month.

Production sectors of the facility:

  • the cold pressing unit with the capacity of up to 300 tonnes;
  • the pressure die casting unit with automatic molding machine of up to 200 tonnes by clamping force;
  • the liquid coating sector (for plastic items);
  • the powder coating sector (for metallic items);
  • the tampography and serigraphy sector—for marking details.

Gusev, Kaliningrad region, Russia, 238051 1A liter B, Lenina str.,
д. 1 "А" литер "Б",
Telephone: +7 (40143) 3-67-27


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