OJSC GS Nanotech

OJSC GS Nanotech

OJSC GS Nanotech is one of the leading facilities for development, packaging and testing of semiconductor products in Eastern Europe.

The company specializes in design and assembly of microcircuits which are used both in industrial and consumer devices. GS Nanotech designs and manufactures on a massive scale complex hybrid microcircuits according to System in Package and Flip Chip technologies using modern crystals by leading world manufacturers.

Contact details:  

Russia, Kaliningrad Region,
11, Industrialnaya str., Gusev
Telephone: +7 (40143) 3-68-01
    +7 (40143) 3-68-00

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Services provided by GS Nanotech include microcircuit packaging and testing for external customers; the facility assembles and tests all types of memory such as flash, static, dynamic random-access memory, as well as monochip and multichip modules and other electronic components—microelectronic circuits (digital, analogous, mixed) in different types of plastic casing. Modern methods such as Flip Chip and System in Package (SiP) technologies are also successfully implemented at the facility. Partners and customers of GS Nanotech are companies from different countries of the world, which specialize in manufacturing of print boards, microelectronic circuits, semiconductor plates, silicon chips. GS Nanotech also teams with microelectronic circuit developers, manufacturers of microelectronic products.

Products designed by GS Nanotech are DDR2 memory microcircuits, an in-house cryptoprocessor for digital set-top boxes. The facility specialists have also designed multichip microcircuits for consumer electronics. GS Nanotech provides a wide range of services which include microcircuit packaging according to Wire Bond method—micro welding with copper or gold wire—in BGA and other types of plastic casings. The company also packs microcircuits using Flip chip technology, provides multichip assembly (System in Package), marking and packaging of off-the-shelf microcircuits.

The facility also conducts product testing, for example, digital and analogous tests, thermal cycling, climatic tests, and analysis of microcircuits in good condition.

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