LLC House Building Factory “Beliy klyuch”

LLC House Building Factory “Beliy klyuch”

LLC House Building Factory “Beliy klyuch” is a house-building factory providing comfortable and inexpensive cottages with individual design thanks to the prefabricated building system.

Houses built by House Building Factory “Beliy klyuch” conform to European standards of comfort and are affordable.

A cottage built according to the prefabricated building system has a number of advantages over an apartment in a block of apartments: for the same amount of money you may buy a house with a bigger area, decoration, all the utility systems, in-built furniture, a shed for a car, as well as a plot of land. The prefabricated cottage building system differs from other systems because buildings are assembled on-site from prefabricated units—modules manufactured on a conveyer belt at House Building Factory “Beliy klyuch” in Gusev. The system is based on manufacturing enclosing elements in the form of supporting wooden frameworks with rigid hook-ups filled up with heat retainer. Assembling on-site (assembly and connecting to electricity, water supply, and sewage system) takes 2–3 days. Rated capacity of the facility is up to 250 houses a year.

7 Industrialnaya str., Gusev, Kaliningrad region, Russia, 238051
ул. Индустриальная 7
Telephone: +7 (40143) 3-67-40

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