Social entrepreneurship support

The GS creative platform fund provides interest-free subsidies on a competitive basis for implementation of business ideas and social entrepreneurship projects in the Gusev urban district.

Social entrepreneurship is an enterprise aimed at alleviation and/or solution of social problems, which has the unique characteristics:

  • Social orientation: the organization is directly involved in production of goods and/or services for the market;
  • Social agenda: the organization has the clear social and ecological agenda which is job creation, training and providing social services, as well as further training and skill improvement of the population. The gained profit is mostly reinvested in the development of the organization.
  • Social impact: purposeful activities to alleviate/ solve existing social problems in the community in turn contribute to achieving positive, stable and measurable social results;
  • Focus on innovation:  new unique approaches are used which can increase social impact;
  • Financial stability and self sufficiency: ability of a social entrepreneur to solve social problems for as long as it’s necessary as well as using those means from their own enterprise;
  • Replicability and scalability:  potential opportunity to use business ideas;

Entrepreneurial approach: ability of a social entrepreneur to analyze market trends, uncover existing market problems, generate new ideas for their solution, find possibilities and accumulate resources for their solution, which together can have a long-term positive impact on the society as a whole.

Non-profit organizations, individual entrepreneurs, groups of proactive individuals and private individuals can take part in programs for business idea implementation and social entrepreneurship projects.

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