GS Creative Platform fund

Our mission is an extensive support of human creativity and creative potential as the basis for improving quality of life of the population.

The fund values human creativity and its contribution to understanding of the past, shaping of the present and planning of the future.
The main aim of the Fund is to develop the territory and human capital of the Gusev municipal region of the Kaliningrad region through strengthening citizenship and supporting creative initiatives.

The fund organizes open grant competitions, designs and implements its own projects, as well as provides out-of-competition financial support for unique cultural initiatives. 


GS Creative Platform fund:

  • Helps through non-repayable subsidies in monetary or natural form for implementation of social, creative and educational projects according to the conditions of grant programs;
  • Implements social and cultural policy of GS Group through special purpose funding of GS PROJECTS;
  • Assists in implementation of business ideas and social entrepreneurship projects by giving interest-free credits;
  • Guides activities at the Technopolis GS art residence
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