Technopolis GS art residence

The Technopolis GS s art residence includes a permanently working custom equipped place, living spaces, workshops for developing projects where representatives of art communities get an opportunity and have conditions for creation and implementation of their ideas.

We invite representatives of art communities to Technopolis GS so that they can research peculiarities of local life, understand needs from their own perspective and experience and implement projects which allow looking at everyday things from a new angle and give impetus to development of the town. Environment can be transformed as a result of both an experiment and creative process itself.

The Technopolis GS art residence opened in 2013 with the Art Session on Working with Cardboard and the children’s architecture competition named Four Seasons at Technopolis GS. The first facilities of the art residence will be built by 2015, while as of today events are held in venues belonging to the town of Gusev.

The residents are to design creative projects to be implemented in 2014 in the following areas:

  • Public Art – creation and arrangement of social spaces;
  • Creative work with cardboard and wrapping;
  • Photographic art;
  • Art&Science – combination of artistic and scientific trends in art where methods of natural and exact sciences are incorporated into creative process and art methods are used for development of new scientific theories;
  • Sound Art – the artistic trend based on experiments with sound. Sound Art at the Technopolis art residence is limited to multimedia projects which use modern electronic components.

You can take part in projects implemented by the Technopolis GS art residence by participating in the GS Group project competition or if you win a grant of the GS Creative Platform fund.

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