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Gusev Local History and Culture Museum named after A.M. Ivanov

The building of Gusev Local History Museum named after A.M. Ivanov was founded in the late19th century to accommodatethe Dragoon Guards No.11. Apart from barracks, stabling, and riding hall the guards had acasino building. Uhlans Guards No.8 moved to the building in 1902, that originated from the German Cavalry Corps who participated in the Napoleonic war of 1812 with the Russian Army. . After the World War I, the building was a police department and in the 1920s, the barracks were occupied with civil services.

After World War II in 1945, the building where the barracks and casino were was turned into an orphanage. A boarding school was founded here and in 2009 this school was relocated to Nesterov.

There is a large archaeological collection in the Gusev Local History and Culture Museum named after A.M. Ivanov. The static exhibition contains materials on German history and military operations in the Gumbinnen district during the World Wars I and II. It also has some material on the Soviet and post Soviet periods. There is a large exhibition hall on the ground floor, where exhibitions of artists, photographers, folk artists, concerts and scientific conferences are held on a regular basis.

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