Business incubator
and venture fund

Business incubator and venture fund

The GS Technopolis innovative territorial cluster creates convenient environment for supporting new promising business trends in telecommunications and developing innovations in Russia.

The GS Technopolis innovative town provides conditions for establishing and growing promising businesses on the basis of projects by Russian and foreign teams—generators of ideas. The innovative territorial cluster includes the venture fund which can provide extensive support for these teams being a form of innovative development.

Venture fund

The venture fund of GS Group Holding has been operating since 2013. Its objective is to finance promising research efforts of young creative teams, seek and develop small enterprises with promising ideas.  

  • Finance promising research efforts of young creative teams
  • Seek and develop small enterprises with promising ideas

GS Venture, a corporate venture fund, of GS Group Holding at GS Technopolis provides extensive support for project teams and comfortable working conditions, gives an opportunity for professional growth within the framework of the project, organizes consultations with top-ranked specialists of GS Group Holding, creates intellectual creative environment conducive to dynamic development and project implementation.

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Business incubator

The business incubator will begin its operation in 2014. The innovative business incubator at GS Technopolis is aimed at strengthening efficient small enterprises in telecommunications and microelectronics, developing leading scientific research results commercially.

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