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A monument to victims of World War I by Mikhail Shemyakin unveiled in the Kaliningrad region

Statuary to victims of World War I was unveiled on the Technopolis GS territory in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, along with memorial park inauguration on August 24, 2014. Andrey Tkachenko, President of GS Group, Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Russian Military Historical Society, Nikolay Tsukanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad region, and Evgeny Mikhailov, Gusev urban district officer, attended the ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. The author of the main statuary "In memory of the forgotten war that turned the course of history" Mikhail Shemyakin also took part in the solemn ceremony.

Memorial park in Technopolis GS represents the outdoor museum of World War I on the vast 3-hectare territory which houses informational stands with historical notes about the battle actions during 1914-1918 as well as statuaries featuring Russian and German soldiers and “The ball of the war” having rolled across the ground. The complex aims to turn into the heart of leisure and cultural entertainment for the Gusev residents and tourists coming to Kaliningrad region. Park inauguration had gathered around 300 guests.

The statuary "In memory of the forgotten war that turned the course of history" by Mikhail Shemyakin is the heart of the memorial park. The world-renowned Russian-American sculptor and artist had laid the idea of the social tragedy and universal catastrophe during World War I as the basis for the bronze monument. The monument socle featuring the wreckages of closets, that were broken during bombing campaigns, houses three figures: an exhausted soldier, crucified on the "wheel of fortune", and two women, his wife and mother. The statuary is complemented by historical materials: photographs, military documents and maps, re-created using innovative coatings that protect against adverse environmental effects.

"The statuary is dedicated to all the mothers, sisters, and widows of the victims of World War I. I am delighted to have my work erected in the memorial park of the settlement that is being built by the Technopolis GS for its employees, – noted Mikhail Shemyakin. – Only people who love Russia and are truly devoted to their country can invest such money to the monument instead of spending money on yachts."

"I believe that it’s proper to name the statuary “In memory of the forgotten war that turned the course of history” unveiling a historical event in itself for the town of Gusev and the Kaliningrad region, – commented Nikolay Tsukanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad region. – I’m sincerely grateful for the artist Mikhail Shemyakin for his attention to history of our dear land.

GS Group holding company also deserves gratitude for implementing such a project in the Kaliningrad region, the only Russian region where the battle actions of World War I took place. GS Group is a bright example of corporate social responsibility, citizenship and human advertence."

Gusev (former Gumbinnen) is one of the few towns on the modern territory of the Russian Federation that housed the battle actions during the World War I. A century ago, on August 20, 1914, the glorious Battle of Gumbinnen, which resulted with a key victory for the Russian troops, took place here in the Gusev region. Currently, Technopolis GS unique innovation private Russian cluster is being developed near Gusev where the GS Group international holding company remains the project promoter and general investor. Six high-tech industries are set into operation here, R&D and educational centers are being developed, as well as the residential area is being built.

"We are eager to not just develop industry and the R&D complex but to establish an appropriate environment for innovators which will attract intelligent and talented people to Gusev from all over Russia and abroad, – commented Andrey Tkachenko, President of GS Group. – We aim at promoting economic prosperity and cultural development in the region through our activities where cultural development is primarily built on the respect for the history of this great land".

"I find it a landmark event that business is taking up the government and community-based organizations’ initiatives, – commented Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Russian Military Historical Society. – Let’s make sure we thank both the GS Group and the monument’s author and look forward to a public garden, park, village and university being laid out around the statuary in the nearest future, so the environment will be buzzing here as it is meant to happen on this great land".

The unique creative environment is being formed on the territory of the Technopolis GS innovation cluster, attracting talented specialists from all over the country. Creative Platform GS private fund’s program embraces activities to preserve the historical heritage within the Kaliningrad region, in particular, activities for restoring military burials sites of World War I, which are quite high within the Gusev region.

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