Project implementation stages 2008 — 2016

GS Technopolis opened as an industrial area comprising a group of industries which manufactured final products in electronics. Nowadays, it is in the process of transition to a qualitatively new stage—from a radio electronic to an innovative cluster.


The agreement on implementation of the GS Technopolis project was signed between the administration of the Gusev urban district and GS Group Holding (at that moment – General Satellite Corporation).



OJSC DTS and LLC Prancor plants were set in operation.



LLC First Folding Carton Factory and LLC House Building Factory “Beliy klyuch” opened.



The foundation stone of OJSC GS Nanotech, a microelectronics research and production center, was laid.


The GS Nanotech plant opened. The first phase of the cottage settlement “Solnechnaya Dolina” was completed in the town of Gvardeysk.


GS Nanotech mass production was launched. The site for construction of a cottage settlement in the town of Gusev was prepared.



  • Open an academic complex and a business incubator
  • Open a cultural and business complex, GS Technopolis residential and park areas
  • Build the cottage settlement in the town of Gusev.
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