About the GS Technopolis project

About the GS Technopolis project

GS Technopolis is a unique private innovation cluster in the Kaliningrad region facilitating generation, development and implementation of innovative ideas.

GS Technopolis is a private innovation cluster providing space for development of an industrial area, a residential area, a research facility, an educational area and a business incubator. In 2008, the newly built industrial area reached its planned capacity. It includes six different industries: from microelectronics and nanotechnology to innovative house building. 

GS Technopolis is located in the special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region. This is a private project aimed at fulfilling a number of essential tasks: comprehensive economy development, social infrastructure improvement, development of Russian regions, establishing favorable conditions for innovative activity development. The innovative development model of Russian towns which may be used in future for restoration of their economy is being tested at GS Technopolis. New jobs are created. At the moment more than a thousand professionals work at GS Technopolis industries and by 2016 their number is expected to grow considerably.

Total amount of investment in GS Technopolis up to 2016 is estimated at approximately 25 bln rubles.
Nowadays, Technopolis is a modern town where high tech industries contributing to innovation development in regions operate successfully, convenient infrastructure is being designed and built, as well as positive environment for self-actualization and development of both technological and creative professionals is formed.  These professionals shape the forward-thinking stratum of society making future happen today.

GS Technopolis was named the best Russian private technology park by National Research University Higher School of Economics and OJSC Russian Venture Company. The project of GS Group Holding was distinguished at the Second Summit of Russian technology parks which was titled “Technopark 2.0: Resources for Development of Russian Technology Parks” in Moscow in October 2013. GS Technopolis won in the category “Technology Park Development Model in the sphere of High Technologies through Private Financing.” The innovation cluster was also awarded for successful infrastructure development, creation of new jobs and contribution to development of clusters in regions.

Up until August 2012 GS Technopolis was called Gusev Technopolis after the town in the Kaliningrad region next to which the innovation cluster was built.

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